If you’re not with me, you’re against me – Beloofs of Intolerance

This tragic beloof shows it origins in the bible and has been handed down historically from generation to generation. We are continuing to struggle with it even today. It seems as if racism, bigotry, and hate are as strong as ever across the globe.

If we accept the definition of the beloof as “a mistaken personal belief, usually about oneself, that was created during a time of trauma resulting in self-limiting behavior,” might it be that hating others is an unconscious projection of self-hate? If the only way I can validate my own beliefs is by being intolerant of those who do not believe as I do, wouldn’t the same apply to my beloofs? Could intolerance and hate of others actually have its roots in the unconscious intolerance and hate I have for myself?

I don’t think it’s quite that simple; I believe there is one additional ingredient in the soup of intolerance – fear. If we are mired in narcissistic self-loathing it puts us in a state of worry and fear that triggers the fight or flight response. If an entire group of people are mired in narcissistic self-loathing and fear, that group operates out of the fight or flight response and operates from a place of intolerace. I believe nacessistic self-loathing and fear has resulted in the beloofs of intolerace that have spawned most of humankind’s violence towards each other; whites towards blacks, men towards women, christians and muslims, nazis and jews, etc., etc., etc.

And so has it ever worked to wage war against the intolerant? Does it make any sense whatsoever to become intolerant of the intolerant. Instead, might we all simply learn to drop our intolerant beloofs against ourselves and teach others to be tolerant and loving towards themselves? You will say, “but those who are intolerant of me wish to kill or harm me – what am I to do then.”

I believe our only option is to ask our own intolerance to stand down and to always teach peace, no matter what the cost. I am prepared to sacrafice my life for the cause of peace.

Try this mantra:

May we all teach peace
May we all teach peace
May we all teach peace

Perhaps if enough of us repeat it enough, it will be enough to spread peace and tolerance throughout our planet and universe.

May you have blessings of gratitude and love throughout this wonderful holiday season.

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