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A mistaken personal belief about oneself created during a time of trauma resulting in self-limiting behavior.

Example: When I was three and my brothers took me up on a scary Ferris Wheel ride, I formed a beloof that I could not trust those closest to me.


Beloofs about Meh…

I was sitting with a client the other day, and she was describing how her week was going. She had recently started a new and prestigious  job with a big name Fortune 500 company, was continuing in a  close relationship with a long-term partner, was forming a new and...

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You’re Not the Boss of Me!

Driving home from work the other day, I looked up to see flashing police lights in my rearview mirror. I thought I had seen the dark shadow of one of those new urban assault-style police SUVs lurking down the street when I made my stop at the four-way intersection a...

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If I See Myself in the Mirror

If I really see my self in my mirror, I will see my pain. If I see my pain, I will feel my pain. If I feel my pain, I will cry. If I cry, I may never stop. If I never stop crying…Can you see where this is going? When I heard the children crying as I watched  the video...

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I Still Believe…a Tribute to Elie Wiesel

Hi. My name is Rob and I am a serial people watcher. There; I admit it. I watch the news channels daily – my family would say I’m addicted. I admit I am addicted to all people and to watching them live their lives. Yesterday, I watched the hostage siege ending in...

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Beloofs about Shame

When I started second grade, I attended a new public school. I spent two years at a private school after I badgered my mother into sending me to school when I was five years old. She found a neat private school with two teachers for a class of around 20...

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Make Me Proud (Don’t Embarrass Me)

Sorry that I’ve been gone for a while, but I received a brand new knee a few months ago, and the recovery has been quite a journey. While I’ve been recuperating, I’ve been thinking about my beloofs about the “legacy” I am creating.  Maybe it has something to do with...

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Beloofs about Death

My beautiful, dear, longtime sister and friend Robin was taken from us all today in the instant of a deadly car accident. I sat with her just a few weeks ago in a healing circle of the Wellness Institute. I lost count of all the healing circles she and I shared over...

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Holiday Beloofs

I’ve been noodling about what to say about holiday beloofs. I think I’ve been avoiding saying anything because many of us share the beloof that we must  be “happy” or “joyous” during the holidays. but I’ve learned it isn’t so for many people – so here I...

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