I’m not worthy…

Garth and Wayne of Saturday Night Live fame probably spoofed the “we’re not worthy” beloof better than anyone. But for most of us, it can represent a core beloof that remains intransigent and chronic, and perhaps the most painful beloof we carry.

For me personally, the birth of my “I’m not worthy” beloof came about when my mother and I were given heavy sedation drugs throughout the late stages of labor and delivery. Both of us went into a “twilight” state of consciousness and I was pulled out of the womb with hands and forceps. I was weak and unable to participate in my own birth; not “worthy” of a natural life.

This beloof comes in many forms: for many of us it arrives as “I’m worthless”, or “I’m unable.” Sometimes as violent as “I am garbage”, or “I’m a loser,” or worse. It can pervade our conscious thinking, or reside subtly in our subconscious mind. Take a moment to breathe in deeply and sense whether this beloof operates in your belief system about yourself. Breath in a little deeper and close your eyes for a moment to discover the source of this self-destructive beloof; perhaps in the womb from your mother, or after your birth when you were harshly disciplined. Maybe in school when you didn’t understand an assignment, or when you were abused by a family member or neighborhood bully.

This is a core beloof that must be discovered and transformed. It serves no one else and certainly does not serve you. The only way to release it, is to develop a deep understanding that it is an acquired beloof and not reality. Remember the definition of beloof:

beloof: A mistaken personal belief, usually about oneself, that was created during a time of trauma, resulting in self-limiting behavior.

Define the source of the beloof, remind yourself that it is “mistaken”, and form a new belief that serves you better. Here are some suggestions:

  • I am worthy and worthwhile.
  • God does not make junk
  • I am a precious child of God
  • I am innocent
  • I am part of the divine

Repeat these affirmations many times throughout your day. Say them as soon as you wake up, and as you fall asleep at night. You are a precious child of God.

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