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A mistaken personal belief about oneself created during a time of trauma resulting in self-limiting behavior.

Example: When I was three and my brothers took me up on a scary Ferris Wheel ride, I formed a beloof that I could not trust those closest to me.


If You Really Loved Me…

This is one of the most common, complex, and destructive beloofs we can hold. It silently lies waiting in our subconscious mind until we are feeling especially vulnerable and insecure. This beloof implies that if someone “really” loved me, it must be demonstrated by a...

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I’m not worthy…

Garth and Wayne of Saturday Night Live fame probably spoofed the “we’re not worthy” beloof better than anyone. But for most of us, it can represent a core beloof that remains intransigent and chronic, and perhaps the most painful beloof we carry. For me personally,...

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Welcome to

I’m excited to launch my new blog, Take a moment to read the About page to understand what a beloof is about how the beloof came to be. But before you do anything else, please enter your email address into the Subscribe block on the right side of the blog,...

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